Niche Edit Link Usage

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Are Niche Edit Links White Hat?

You may have heard the term “niche edit links” before, but, because it is a relatively new term, you may not be sure what it means or whether or not you should be using them.

A niche edit link is a link that someone may put in a pre-existing article to take a reader or viewer to a different website or article. That kind of link may sound familiar to you because it was previously called a “contextual link.”

If you see a website that already has a niche edit link embedded into their article and you decide to reach out to the owner or manager to ask if they will add a link to your content as well, then that is white hat.

But is it white hat? Well, that depends on the context of how you get a link added to an article. Depending on the context, a niche edit link could be white hat, but it also could be grey hat or even black hat.

Merely asking people to add niche edit links is as legal and permitted as it gets, but keep in mind that, officially, Google does not support any kind of link building, which this would be.

On the other hand, people will often offer to pay to have niche edit links added. While still legal, this would be considered more grey hat then white hat because money is being exchanged.

Finally, if you use a hacking software to add your niche edit links into content without the owner’s permission, that is black hat and completely illegal. Don’t do this because just as you would not want someone editing the content, you spent time creating; they don’t want theirs changed without their permission either.

Niche Edit Links- Fashionable Links

Niche edits are becoming significantly more popular. They are a lot safer than PBN black links that are always at least grey hat if not black hat and do not require you to take the time to write an entire guest post.

Additionally, in contrast to what it was like when blogging first got popular, most people are more likely to add a link to their site or content than let you write an entire guest post. That is actually good for you because writing a guest post can be a lengthy process.

If you want to use niche edit links, it is rather easy. You can do it through a company that will go out a find opportunities for you, or you can reach out to other content creators yourself. There are benefits to each. Doing it through a company is less time consuming, but sometimes people prefer to work with the other creators directly.

No matter how you do it, niche edit links are becoming the fashionable way to drive traffic to your website or blog through other sites. It is easy, can be completely white hat, and has a trendy name that SEOs love.